Student Killed Due To Poor Educational System

Student Killed Due To Poor Educational System

In his statement to Ikhwanweb, Member of the Educational Committee in the Parliament and MB Parliamentary Bloc Isma”il Tharwat confirmed that the killing of the student Islam Amr at the hands of his teacher Amr Ali is an outcome of the wrong foundations upon which the educational system is based especially that which provides a clear principle for reward and punishment.

Tharwat added that he acknowledges that teachers are under a lot of pressure as they are forced to teach around five classes daily, each consisting of 50 to 100 students, a matter that no teacher can bare.  Tharwat further cautioned against the increasing psychological and financial pressures of life especially on teachers whose conditions are terrible due to their low salaries.

Tharwat also explained that there is another side to the issue which is the relation between the teacher and student which has become very cold and lacking in mercy and respect stressing that this nature of a relationship combined with the materialism and individualism that have permeated society will soon lead society to the pit.

Tharwat confirmed that the MPs will be presenting requests for more information on the incident.

Tharwat also clarified that reward and punishment should be administered appropriately considering the child”s age and ability to endure.

It is worthy to be mentioned that the teacher had been trying to punish the student for not completing his homework and ended up killing him.