• July 15, 2013
  • 4 minutes read

Student Unions Conference: Will Talk to World Universities to Expose Military Coup Crimes

Student Unions Conference: Will Talk to World Universities to Expose Military Coup Crimes

A conference of the Egyptian student unions affirmed they are to persist in peaceful rally activities against the "bloody coup", refused as university students to get into any negotiations with the putschists, and prepared to talk to world universities about the truth of what is happening in Egypt, with reference to the oppressive coup against constitutional legitimacy.

The conference was attended by: Mohamed Magdy, the Egyptian Student Union (ESU)’s Executive Office Secretary; Ahmed Donya, vice-president of Al-Azhar University student union; Sayf Al-Islam Farag, vice-president of Mansoura University student union; Ahmed Sabri, vice-president of Damanhur University student union; and Mohamed Eid, vice-president of Damietta University student union.

Mohamed Magdy said, "Egypt’s students participated positively in the January 25 (2011) Revolution, shared the dream of Egyptians in obtaining democracy, and elected the first civilian president in Egypt’s history. During his reign, we’ve witnessed the first free student elections and the adoption of the first student charter that restored student rights.

"The military coup has betrayed and laid to waste popular will. And so, we will defy and face up to it, in all peacefulness. Just as students sacrificed on January 25, they will give again to overthrow the military regime."

Sayf Al-Islam Farag showed a number of video recordings documenting "massacres" committed against peaceful pro-legitimacy protestors, including students and university professors.

In response to questions from the audience, Mohamed Magdy revealed that preparations were underway for international student action by an Egyptian student delegation, to expose the crimes of the military coup in Egypt and the systematic violation of freedoms of students and of the sanctity of their blood.

"All the demonstrations will be peaceful. The student movement, which supported the January 25 Revolution will not negotiate or enter into any mechanisms outside constitutional legitimacy."

Ahmed Donya said, "The statement issued by the press conference is signed by 14 representatives of Student Unions in Fayoum, Beni Suef, Minya, Sohag, South Valley, Assiut, Mansoura, Damanhur and Zagazig, as well as higher institutes of Damietta, Ismailia and Suez, in addition to Al-Azhar University".

The conference statement demanded reinstatement of the elected President to exercise his duties without any conditions or restrictions, and for a halt to violations of students’ rights.