• July 16, 2013
  • 4 minutes read

Student Unions Statement on Bloody Fascist Coup against Democracy in Egypt

Student Unions Statement on Bloody Fascist Coup against Democracy in Egypt

 With heavy hearts filled with sorrow and certainty of God’s promise and justice, we received news of the death and injury of hundreds of Egyptian universities students and the arrest of many more hundreds of peaceful innocent students.

While we offer our condolences to the families of the martyrs and the injured, we affirm our total rejection and refusal of the military coup mounted by heinous traitorous generals who betrayed the trust and the oath they took to the Supreme Commander, and wasted Egyptian popular will.

We reaffirm our complete respect for the Egyptian army. Indeed, we would be the first in line to give our souls as soldiers in the ranks of our Egyptian army for the sake of Egypt. Our quarrel is with the generals who pounced on the legitimate authority, laid popular will to waste, and committed all those heinous crimes that shocked the whole world: the massacres, killings, arrests, suppression of freedoms and shuttering of TV channels – all in only two weeks of military rule.

The martyrs’ blood will not let us rest or sleep; and we will never leave the streets until the following demands are met:
1. Rapid retribution for the blood of the martyrs, and fair trials for those who committed this horrendous heinous crime against unarmed innocent protestors.

2. Reinstatement of President Mohamed Morsi who was elected by the free will of people, in order to preserve the gains of January 25 Revolution and the first democratic experience in Egypt.

3. Immediate release of all those who were arrested and detained in the aftermath of that massacre, especially students.
Finally, we vow to escalate our protests using all peaceful action, if our demands are not met.

We will start this with a huge student march from Rabaa Al-Adaweya Square today (Sunday) at 10:30PM. We invite all students in Egypt to join us. We also urge all students around the world to show true solidary with Egyptian students.

God bless Egypt, its people and its army…

Peace be on all.