• April 15, 2016
  • 5 minutes read

Students Against the Coup to Take Part in Friday Mass Demonstrations Across Egypt

Students Against the Coup to Take Part in Friday Mass Demonstrations Across Egypt

In the name of God…

In the name of the Revolution…

In the name of the homeland…

In the name of all those patriots whose blood watered this homeland’s earth…

In the name of every citizen who sacrificed to liberate this blessed land…

To the patriotic people of Egypt, and the youth of Egypt…

We are still suffering the consequences of a setback that claimed the lives of thousands of Egyptians – young and old, women and children. We are still dealing with a crazy traitor who respects neither sovereignty nor honor. We are still being humiliated under a brutal repressive regime that sells off the homeland’s territories just so it may remain in power.

We are dealing with a demented traitor detached from reality, ignorant of history, who now shuns homeland territories and gives away the people’s property to gain the satisfaction of his masters, together with a load of money to be swallowed up in the bellies of the junta, which has already devoured most of the country’s and the people’s resources.

Today, the traitor gives Saudi Arabia the Egyptian islands of Tiran and Sanafir. Yesterday, he gave Ethiopia the rights of Egyptians in the Nile water. Tomorrow, he will sell off more of this homeland’s resources to other countries.

Meanwhile, the treasonous murderer is exterminating Sinai residents. And in all governorate across the country, the General arrests children, casts scientists and journalists in junta jails, babbles nonsense worse than Gaddafi’s, and acts with reckless brutality like Hitler and Mussolini.

Therefore, we – ‘Students Against the Coup’ youth movement -declare our total rejection of what the mad usurper of power has done. We fully support and will respond positively to the calls by Egypt’s revolutionary political movements to demonstrate on Friday under the slogan ‘Our Land: Our Honor’.

SAC members from all the group’s offices in governorates across Egypt will take part in these demonstrations Friday. We will close ranks, once again, and rally around the January 25, 2011 principles: freedom, social justice, human dignity, and the homelands’ independence.

SAC calls on all revolutionary groups and parties to reunite, and avoid disputes. The homeland is being hijacked, the putschists are plundering its wealth. They sold its land. The freedoms of its citizens are being violated. Its people are being persecuted and extremely humiliated. We either recover the homeland, its land and its honor, or we are doomed to wandering aimlessly, forever cursed by future generations.

God… the Revolution… the Homeland

Executive Office of Students Against the Coup youth movement

Cairo: Wednesday – April 13, 2016