• January 20, 2016
  • 7 minutes read

Students Against the Coup Urges Revolutionary Unity to Mark January 25 Anniversary

Students Against the Coup Urges Revolutionary Unity to Mark January 25 Anniversary

 On the fifth anniversary of the January 25, 2011 Revolution, Egyptian youth are still persistent in their non-violent struggle for freedom, social justice, human dignity and retribution for the martyrs killed by coup forces – for freeing the detainees from junta prisons, and recovering the homeland from the putschists who stole it and dragged it down to the bottom of all civilized nations.

The time has come for all of us to extend our hands to partners of liberty squares, of the peaceful struggle.

We urge all to unite and close ranks. It is time to put aside our differences, and to hold high the interests of our homeland, which bleeds more profusely every day at the hands of the blood-thirsty coup authorities.

This message is for all free men and women, the patriots who participated in the January 25, 2011 Revolution; to all groups, revolutionary movements and coalitions; to the great Egyptian people… especially, youth of Istiqlal Party, April 6 Movement, Revolutionary Socialists, Ultras Ahlawy, Ultras White Knights Ultras Nahdaawi, Ultras Rabaawi, Ahrar Movement, Egypt Students, January 25 Youth, and Muslim Brotherhood Youth.

We call on you and reach out for all honorable patriots who really want to reclaim their homeland from the traitorous junta criminals.

As you have seen, the January 25, 2011 Revolution has become a crime, its youth hounded, rounded up and detained.

We must sacrifice, just as our brave brothers and sisters sacrificed. We have lost our dearest in repeated massacres where coup forces killed thousands of Revolution youth who only hoped to build a free and honorable homeland.

To Revolution martyrs who were killed by junta forces in Maspero, Mohamed Mahmoud Street, the Cabinet building, Port Said Stadium, the Air Defense complex, Qaeed Ibrahim Mosque, the Podium (Al-Manassah), the dawn prayers massacre, Rabaa Square, Nahda Square, Ramses Square, Dokki, and all the massacres that followed… Rest assured that your blood will never be laid to waste.

We all know that we are being targeted by these putschist criminals who stole our home, killed the finest of our men and women, and arrested every free voice who disagreed with them. We must stand strong and steadfast, together, leaving aside narrow ideological visions, and unite as one. Liberty squares across Egypt are waiting for us to close ranks and unite.

Either we unite, or be cursed with the blood of those who sacrificed their souls and the suffering of future generations.
We have great confidence in Egypt’s patriotic youth who dazzled the whole world with their bloodless January 2011 Revolution.

Soon, the Revolution and its objectives will triumph and rightly rule
Let us unite, all Revolution partners.

Soon, we will exact retribution for the martyrs, detainees and the hounded patriots.

It will be sooner, rather than later.

God… The Revolution… The Homeland
Executive Office of the Youth Against the Coup movement

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