Students and Women Against the Coup Live Major Catastrophe in Egypt

Students and Women Against the Coup Live Major Catastrophe in Egypt

In a statement, students of Al-Azhar University’s Faculty of Islamic and Arabic Studies condemned the cold-blooded killing of fellow (male and female) students and the arbitrary arrest and detention of hundreds of other students at Al-Azhar University in Cairo by coup security forces assisted by hired thugs.

"In Zagazig Azhar University, the worst and most intolerable thing is the personal search of female students by male security agents and members of the university administration. If a girl refuses the personal search, she is pounced upon and assaulted in all kinds of most humiliating ways, while her handbag is snatched and all its contents stolen by security agents.

"After students peacefully protested what happened in Zagazig and Cairo, the girls were surprised to see special forces, Central Security forces and armored vehicles on university campus. Those forces then started firing gas bombs at female students, dragging them and beating the girls with heavy batons and sticks, chasing and torturing them with electric stun guns. Then, coup forces brutally attacked girls, arresting 24 of them."

Female Students Against the Coup announced the following list of demands:

1 – Ending the military coup.

2 – Canceling the decision to arbitrarily dismiss students.

3 – Immediate release of all female detainees.

4 – Stopping all violations against female students.

5 – Banning coup forces from entering the university campus.

6 – Allowing all freedoms on campus.

7 – Holding to task all those involved in arbitrary actions and abuses against female students.

Meanwhile, the Women Against the Coup movement in Assiut (south of Egypt) condemned the targeting of women with arrest and intimidation, in reference to the detention of 14 girls in Assiut from a peaceful sit-in in front of the court demanding the release of detained relatives, saying these actions are a real plight for Egyptian women under the junta’s repressive regime.

The movement rejected what it considered a threatening tone in remarks by the director of coup security forces in Assiut, in which he said his forces would not differentiate between men and women. The movement added that it strongly refuses the junta’s restriction of freedoms and opinions, and the trampling of the dignity and rights of people, men and women.