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  • November 20, 2011
  • 3 minutes read

Study by FJP to Provide one Million Job Opportunities for Egypt’s Graduates

Study by FJP to Provide one Million Job Opportunities for Egypt’s Graduates

 Mostafa Mohamed, candidate for the Freedom and Justice Party in Alexandria, said that the party developed a vision through specialized studies to employ one million workers and graduates a year with a total investment of 125 billion Egyptian pounds in the different sectors in Egypt, whether agricultural, industrial, health, educational, tourism and other fields.

During a political session convened by the Information Committee of the Party in Sidi Bishr area, Mohamed said that FJP was keen on his program to provide solutions for a set of problems. He noted that FJP’s committees conducted studies and hired experts and university professors to develop separate visions to solve the problems of health, education and basic needs of the Egyptian citizen, as well as visions to solve the unemployment problem and providing a good way to invest and boost production.

He added “all these studies were combined to varying degrees to come out with an integrated study to solve all these problems and review it with the experts who prepared each study”.

He explained that members of the Muslim Brotherhood in the previous parliament did not stop providing real solutions to all problems, but NDP’s candidates were only interested in their personal interests at the expense of the country and citizen.

He also said "We believe that the problem of unemployment cannot be the one to solve by one person alone, but young people should not leave any job opportunity without trying it. They should accept the job offer regardless and to become innovate and serve their country”.

He stressed that FJP considers the application of the court’s decision on the minimum wages indisputable and the next government should manage its resources well, as it is improperly distributed.

He said "In FJP we believe that the restructuring of wages would provide the country with a strong income and pushes the wheel of production."