Sudanese MB: UN Seeks To Occupy Rather Than Save Darfur

In an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb, Deputy Chairman of Muslim Brotherhood offshoot in Sudan Dr. Alhabr Nour Yousuf Al Dayem said that the US seeks to occupy Darfur as the UN gives cover, adding that Resolution 1706 consolidates occupation sanctioned by the international organization.

“There are attempts that target the Sudan and its wealth, and there is a suspected scheme to remap the region in a way that weakens it in favor of Israel’s security” Nour Al Dayem said, accusing Jewish and Israeli organizations of orchestrating the intrigue against Darfur pressuring the Sudanese government to overlook this suspected scheme.

 However, the Sudanese MB deputy chairman expressed the group’s satisfaction with the extension of stay of the African Union forces in Darfur until the end of this very year.

 On the Sudanese MB’s position toward Resolution 1706, Nour el Dayem said that the group has often announced its rejection of any foreign intervention with the Sudan’s internal affairs, regarding Darfur problem as a domestic one and taking it global does harm to the Sudan’s integrity.

 On solutions envisaged by the group to the Darfur problem, Nour el Dayem said that the Abuja agreement is a push to the right direction and therefore, all parties have to abide by it for protecting the Sudanese land and people. 

 Asked on the group’s position toward parties and political forces which support the existence of international forces in Darfur, Nour el Dayem said that unanimity on such issues is that impossible,” However, I think that those pro international forces are a minority and most of the Sudanese people are against any international intervention in Darfur or any other Sudanese land” he said.