• August 27, 2006
  • 2 minutes read

Sudanese MB Rejects Foreign Interference in Darfur

In an exclusive  statement to Ikhwanweb, Chairman of Sudanese Muslim Brotherhood Sadek Abdul Majed said that the Muslim Brotherhood rejects any international interference in Darfur “ We have reiterated our absolute rejection of any foreign interference and it is rejected by the entire people with all its politician forces.”, he said, adding that the group has held meetings with all political forces to stress “ our unanimous agreement to confront this new occupation and consider mechanisms which enable us to repel this aggression”. The Sudanese Chairman pointed out that just as the Sudanese people expelled the British occupation in 1956 after many sacrifices, so will they do with this new occupation. “ Unfortunately, the occupation this time is much worse as it is backed by the so called international legitimacy” , he said, affirming that the Americans want to come to Darfur to eventually have full sway on the entire Sudan and drain its resources under the cover of aid and relief. “The US administration aims to find a place for the Israeli enemy to achieve their imperialist ambitions regardless of any humanitarian aid which they claim”, he pointed out. Abdul Maged also said that the Darfur problem falls only within the Sudanese government’s area of jurisdiction as well as the will of the Sudanese people, without the US or any other country having any right to interfere.
It is noted that Darfur crisis popped out first when some tribes disputed over some plots of land and plantations, then this dispute evolved into a civil war helped by lax security measures. Immediately the crisis was internationalized and referred to both the Security Council and the UN, unlike the South crisis which continued for long years before it was referred therein. Observers attribute this to the fact that Western Sudan, including Darfur, is very rich with oil, uranium and other natural resources. This, so they say, makes it the focus of attention of the western states which seek to cash in on such a crisis.