Sudan’s MB: Welcome Any Darfur Solution In Line With Sovereignty

Sudan has approved a UN-AU joint Force to Darfur, and the Muslim Brotherhood in Sudan approves this provided that it is in line with national sovereignty.
The UN Security Council delegation confirmed that the Sudanese government gave an unconditional approval for deploying UN-AU joint peacekeeping force in the region of Darfur.
This was announced by South Africa’s delegate to the Security Council, Dumisani Kumalo, during a press conference he held in the Sudanese capital Khartoum after holding talks with president Omar Al-Bashir, on Tuesday.
Kumalo told reporters that:” Sudan agreed unconditionally on the joint force. This was confirmed by president Al Bashir .
It is worth mentioning that the Sudanese president had declared his rejection to deploying a UN-AU joint force in the civil war-torn region of Darfur which witness displacing and killing thousands of residents during the past four years.
Threats of upping international pressure and imposing tougher sanctions contributed to making Khartoum change its mind and approve merging the African Union’s force with a UN force to raise to 23 thousand soldiers the joint force provided that it is mostly from African countries and under AU command.
Ambassador Kumalo pointed out that Sudanese Foreign Minister, Lam Akol, told him that his country doesn’t object that the UN leads this joint force.
However, he stopped short of confirming whether the United Nations will lead the joint force.
Also, diplomats warned that the wording of the agreement between the international organization and the African Union concerning leading the joint force is still ambiguous, especially after deleting many specific recommendations related making the United Nations lead these forces because of AU protests.
For his part, Dr. Ali Gawish, a member of the Sudanese National Assembly and member of the Executive Bureau of the Muslim Brotherhood group in Sudan, said in a statement to Ikhwanweb:
We have spoken, about two weeks ago, about this issue in front of the Sudanese National Assembly. The Assembly was still opposing receiving any UN troops which are currently reported in the media. Sudan said previously and from the beginning that it approves AU-led peacekeeping forces supported by the United Nations in Darfur. I think that the new decision is in line with the old one. The Sudanese government declared its approval to AU forces with an amendment: that they approved some helicopters or logistics according to UN confirmation to defend or air cover the forces.
“This was the Sudanese government’s initial view with adding the latest amendments to raise the efficiency of these forces”, added Gawish.
Regarding the MB’s attitude towards the change in the Sudanese government’s decision, Gawish said:” Definitely, we in the Muslim Brotherhood group in Sudan welcome any decision that may relieve the suffering of our brothers in Darfur, provided that it is in line with national sovereignty and principles.
The group still hasn’t announced any view towards the new decision of establishing a UN-AU joint force in Darfur.
Asked about Sudan’s MB view towards a solution for Darfur crisis, Gawish said:” The group has been calling, for a long time, for seeing Darfur crisis as a huge and real problem, and that the current disputes among the various tribes in Darfur are an old problem . We declared several times that implementing Abuja agreement can solve Darfur crisis. However, the problem started to be internationalized for achieving the US schemes in the region.