Sudan’s MB Annual Meeting Touts National Parties, Calls for Reform

Sudan’s MB Annual Meeting Touts National Parties, Calls for Reform

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) group in Sudan held its annual conference on Saturday Feb, 9th, 2008, during which it discussed the course of the group, the current political situation in addition to laying down a future view for the Islamic action.

Dr. AlHabr Yousof Nouroldaem gave, in the opening session of the conference, the speech on behalf of the Sudan”s MB chairman, in which he offered the Brotherhood”s view to the current political situation and the future projections. He also tackled how the Muslim Brotherhood deals, according to its method, with various domestic and foreign issues.

Nouroldaem praised in the speech the efforts practiced by national parties and Islamic movements and their actions in the national arenas and various fields of Islamic and Islamic action.

The opening session of the MB conference included top political and party figures like Dr. Nafea Ali Nafea, an aide to the Sudanese president, Dr. Kamal Obeid, the Minister of State for media and telecommunications, Dr. Abdul Rahman Ahmed AlKheder, Atim Garang, the deputy chairman of the National Assembly, Dr. Abdul Nabi Ali Ahmed Al-Amin, the Secretary General of the National Umma Party, Dr. Ismail Osman, the Secretary General of the Ansar Al-Sunna Al-Muhamadiya group, Yousof Al-Kouda, the leader of Al-Wasat (Centre) Party, Dr. Al-Zahawi Ibrahim Malek, the envoy of Umma party for Reform and Renaissance, Dr. Al-Fateh Mohamed Said, a Minister of State in the ministry of transport.

The conference was wrapped up with issuing some recommendations to push ahead the course of action in Sudan. These recommendations included exercising efforts for a domestic reform, underlining openness to others, a participation based on team work spirit in order to solve the problems facing the country and to beef up the domestic front.