Suleiman calls on opposition to continue dialogue

Suleiman calls on opposition to continue dialogue

In an attempt to avoid a possible coup Vice President Omar Suleiman called today for opposition groups to continue dialogue. The newly appointed VP feared the possible coup would destabilize the country and consequently destroy all progress made by the demonstrators and the new regime.

In a statement he echoed a message addressing the people and reminded them that Mubarak was a military hero calling on the people to respect his wishes to finish his term.  Suleiman however encouraged the continued dialogue with youth groups and political opposition parties. He appealed to the protesters to see that the regime was making substantial strides in meeting their demands. However it appears that the opposition including the Muslim Brotherhood believe the reforms attempts fall short from the demands made by the people mainly those in Tahrir Square.

In his televised statement, Suleiman explained that the regime had a planned agenda for peaceful transition of power, asserting the regime has created a clear road map to emerge from the crisis in a timely manner.

Opposition remain sceptical however with threats that the groups will abandon the talks if their first and foremost demands mainly Mubarak stepping down are not met.

In a related note hundreds of thousands of pro-democracy demonstrators have continued to pour into Cairo’s Tahrir Square entering their 15th day despite the slew of concessions announced by the government.

Following Monday’s release of Wael Ghoneim, the Google executive accredited with starting the Facebook group "We Are Khaled Said", many newcomers have joined the protests, with estimates that for the third consecutive day over one million people were witnessed demonstrating.

Political opposition groups continued to join the protestors from all walks including the MB who continued to stress that their demands are the same as all oppposition political factions and that they will continue to work with the people for the people. Demonstrators continued to shout during their protests that they refuse to leave until Mubarak has resigned.

Day 15 of the protests has also witnessed a number of companies, including Telecom Egypt and Omar Effendi’s employees protesting to wages and the loss of jobs blaming the regime for the bad economy and for allowing Egyptian public companies to be sold to the private sector.