Sunday Times: Netanyahu authorized assassination of Mabhouh

Sunday Times: Netanyahu authorized assassination of Mabhouh

The British Sunday Times newspaper has said that Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu personally approved the assassination of senior Hamas official Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh in Dubai during a visit he made to the Mossad headquarters in early January.

The Sunday Times added that Netanyahu met with the team who assassinated Mabhouh and told them that the Israeli people depend on them, and wished them success in their mission.

It added that the Mossad hit squad prepared for the Dubai mission by secretly rehearsing in a Tel Aviv hotel.

In another context, the monthly survey of “war and peace index” conducted by Tel Aviv university showed that 57% of Israelis believe that human rights are less important than Israel’s security and higher interests.

The survey was conducted against the backdrop of accusations made by Israel against human rights organizations of cooperating with Goldstone fact-finding committee and providing it with evidence against Israel.