Surani: Goldstone’s report enjoys implementation mechanisms

Surani: Goldstone’s report enjoys implementation mechanisms

GAZA — Raji Al-Surani, the head of the Palestinian center for human rights, stated Wednesday that the new thing which sets Goldstone’s report apart is its talk about specific implementation mechanisms for the first time in the UN history.

During a workshop held by the forum of Palestinian journalists in Gaza, Surani affirmed that Goldstone’s report was also presented to the international community in a detailed, clear and determined way.

The human rights activist, however, said that the report offered nothing new in terms of facts, results or the legal description, adding that it vindicated other reports issued earlier by UN and international organizations on Israeli war crimes in the Gaza Strip.

He pointed out that the UN General Assembly would discuss in early November Goldstone’s report, expressing his belief that the report would be endorsed, the thing which would get the US into embarrassment.

The activist underlined that if the Palestinians positively led their cause they would succeed, so they have to move forward and work strongly on getting Goldstone’s recommendations implemented.

The activist also hailed Hamas leadership for its firm stand on the report, saying that Hamas scored a point when it declared it would form a civilian fact-finding committee to investigate accusations of war crimes mentioned in the report.