Surprising results of first phase parliament elections in Egypt

Surprising results of first phase parliament elections in Egypt

The higher committee supervising the elections in Egypt announced the official results of the first phase of the parliamentary elections, while the Egyptian authorities started preparations for the second phase which starts next Sunday in nine governorates.

The chairman of the higher committee for the elections, the minister of justice Mahmoud Abu al-Leil said that the national party got in the first phase 12 seats against 47 seats for the independents and two seats for al-Wafd party, two for the coalition Tajamuu party and one for al-Ghad party.

Abu al-Leil indicated that the rate of turnout in the first phase of the elections reached 24% of those eligible to vote. He denied interference in the legal problems pertaining to the administrative judiciary ruling of considering the elections in 10 circles as null.

There was a big surprise. It is that the candidates of the Muslim Brothers who launched the elections as independents got 34 seats, in addition to nine for the opposition front which is composed from the parties of al-Wafd, the Naserite coalition, and al-Karamah ( under foundation) in addition to Kefayah movement.

Muhammad Habib, the deputy chairman for the general guide (leader) of the Muslim Brothers said that “the result confirms that the Egyptian people stand behind the Muslim Brothers and sympathize with them and that they actually represent the strongest political and social group in Egypt.”

Observers attributed that to several reasons including the organizational abilities of the Muslim Brothers and their success in social work as well as the increasing discontent in the policies of the ruling party.

Among the main opposition faces which won the elections are the leading figure in the liberals party Talaat al-Sadat, the nephew of the late Egytpain President Anwar al-Sadat in Tella circle of al-Manofeyah governorate. His brother Muhammad won a seat in the same circle. Rajab Hilal Hamidah, a candidate for a split group for al-Ghad party and Abdul Aziz Shabaan and Muhammad Taleimah for the coalition party.