Susan Saad Zaghloul, the Only Woman Winner of Individual Seats in Egyptian Elections

Susan Saad Zaghloul, the Only Woman Winner of Individual Seats in Egyptian Elections

She is the first woman candidate to win an individual seat in Egyptian People’s Assembly and Shura Council elections. She won 17,730 votes out of a total 33,301 valid votes. Her rival, Mahdi Al-Qadi, the candidate of the Islamic Group’s Construction and Development Party only won 15,571 votes.


Dr. Susan Saad Zaghloul, the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP)’s "Professionals" candidate in Suez, has successfully won the first “individuals” parliamentary seat in the last round runoff of elections for the Shura Council.


The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) introduced her, back in the 2010 elections, for the ‘quota’ seats, but she faced a notorious government fraud, despite the large voting bloc obtained.


The FJP candidate has for long been involved in MB political activities, as well as participating in the events and activities of the January 25 revolution in Suez.


Susan was born on October 3, 1963 in Suez, the province that sparked the revolution of January 25, 2011. She holds an Ideal Modern Mother Award 2007, is a member of the Female Scientists Committee of the Syndicate of Scientific Professions, and an active member of many trade union conferences and professional associations concerned with the role of women.


Dr. Susan Saad Zaghloul is involved in many activities addressing issues related to the homeland, the Islamic nation and the Palestinian cause. She was also a guest of several TV programs concerning the environment and fish farming.


Dr. Susan Zaghloul is married and has two sons. She works as a researcher at the Ministry of Scientific Research’s National Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries, Suez. Further, she received a Bachelor of Science degree in 1987, a Master of Science in 1996, and a Doctor of Philosophy of Science in 2004 – all from the Suez Canal University.


Dr. Susan Zaghloul also supervised the implementation and training courses for community participation programs, lectured in many courses in her area of specialization and participated in many programs for the protection Egyptian coastlines from pollution. Furthermore, she attended many international and local conferences that discuss the problems of the environment and fish farming and their impact on citizens, and participated in numerous courses on human development aimed at building modern leaders.