Swasiyyah: An Eye on General Elections 2005

Phase Report (1) 

Swasiyyah: An Eye on General  Elections 2005

Sabotage of the Elections Process and Prevention of Voters

A new policy has been followed by the security forces with regards to the independent candidates, especially those who belong to the Muslim Brotherhood, in the re-runs of the second round of elections that started on Saturday the 26th of November , 2005. The security forces carried sweeping raids on the houses of  several supporters of candidates, detained some voters right before the voting committees, and prevented the representatives of the candidates and those of human rights observers from carrying their tasks.

We will provide a follow up of the news hour by hour.

Qaliubbiyyah Governorate

• The electorates, the observers, and the candidates were surprised of the sudden break of the voting process in the third district,  which is based in Qanater Police Station,  due to a court order that was issued on the 24th of November. Until now no official clarifications were issued about the fate of the voting in this district.
• In the second district, Kafr Shukr Police Station, the observer ’Abdel ’Aziz Al Sayyid ’Abdel ’Aziz Hegazi was assaulted by bullies and was moved to Kafr Shukr Central Hospital.

Alexandria Governorate

• At  7: 30 am exactly, 7 of the supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood were arrested in front of Al ’Urubah Primary School in Al Wardian by Central Security Police forces.
• Our observers recorded that security forces arrested the supporters of the independent candidate Osamah Gado from where they gathered in front of voting committees of Nabwaiyyah Moussa school and Field Marshal Ahmad Badawy school of the sixth district , based at Gabrial Police Station.

Qena Governorate

• The security raids started yesterday the 25th as five supporters of the independent candidate Hesham Al Qady in the district of Qoos were arrested. Some of them are : Abdel Ghani Mohamed Gaber, Mustapha Mohamed Ibrahim, and Wissam Abdel Wahab. A security siege was imposed around the committees where all the candidate’s representatives were prevented from entering.
• Two more voting committees were closed ( Al Shaheed Abdel Basset and Al Sawaf School)

Port Sa’eed Governorate

• Mohamed Khalil Al Hout was arrested.
• The houses of ’Atef ’Abass and Al Sayyid ’Ali were raided.
• Today, Saturday the 26th, 25 of the supporters of independent candidate Akarm Al  Sha’er were arrested in front of the voting committees. The arrested include : 1-Mohamed Akram  Al Sha’er (the candidate’s son) 2- Ibrahim  Al Dessouki Khudayer 3-Amr Eid 4-Ibrahim Mohamed 5-Ala’ Abu El ’Elaa 6-Yasser Abduh 7-Al Sayyid Al Sweirki 8-Mo’taz Al Gendi
• A security blockade was set up around Al Qabuti voting committee where voters were barred from reaching the ballots.

Al Gharbbiyah Governorate

• Abdel Nabi Ahmad Rubi one of the supporters of independent candidate Alam Al Sakhawi of Kafr Ga’far , along with a group of young men were arrested by a group of police officers and soldiers who drove two vans and one taxi. The vehicles’ plates numbers are 151693 (Taxi Gharbbiyah), 185865 (Van Cairo ) , and 157198 (Van Gharbbiyah) The State Security Investigations Authority  usually use its spies to guide it about the supporters of independent candidates.

Al Fayyoum Governorate

Sanurus District
• Sawasiyyah’s observer lawyer Mahmoud Zein Al ’Abdeen was beaten up by some bullies in front of Al Rady School.
• Intensive security blockades were imposed around the voting committees were security forces barred the voters to enter the Al Rady School and Al Thawrah Intermediary School voting  committees.

               Bandar Al Fayyoum District
• All of the seven voting  committees at Al Madares school were closed including : Dar Al Ramad, Al Rayy, Salah Salem School, and Al Bassel School.

Phase Report (2)
Swasiyyah: An Eye on General  Elections 2005

Our Observers Continue to Record Violations in the Re-Runs of the Second Round of Elections Throughout the Day. Violations Mainly Revolve Around : Assaults and  Closures of Voting Committees. Some Judges Threatened to Halt the Elections.

Suez Governorate

• Security forces arrested 4 representatives of the independent candidate Sa’ad Khalifah in front of Salah Naseem School in the first electoral district (Suez Police Station)
• Reda Al Dessouki also a supporter of Sa’ad Khalfah in the same district was arrested in Port Tawfiq. Khalifah’s  General  representative Sa’eed Al Wakeel was also arrested.
• In the second district (based at Al Arba’een Police Station)  Alaa Ghareeb and Mohamed Al Batrawy from Al Ganayen village were arrested .

Al Beheirah Governorate

• In the ninth district based at Abu Homos Police Station, our observes recorded that the security forces forcefully prevented the voters to vote in the voting  committees of : Al nakhal, Abu Rawash, ’Abdel ’Aziz Makhyoon, and Jalal Al Shahawy. 
• In the fifth district based at Shubramant Police Station, our observers witnessed the police forces confiscate the I.D of Ahmad ’Agwar an observer from one of  the human rights organizations. Also , we recorded the arrest of Fawzi Al Sei’di from Mahalat Beshr village of the same district. 

        Qena Governorate

• In the fourth district based at Qoos Police Station, our observer recorded the arrest of six supporters of  the independent candidate Hesham Al Qady in front of Al Nasr School voting committee. They were taken inside a police vehicle with a plate no 25826
Al Fayyoum Governorate

• In the sixth district based at Ebshway Police Station and Youssef Al Siddiq, our observer recorded that Moussa Al Sayyid Abdel Azim, the representative of the National Democratic Party’s Candidate Dr Youssef Wali , has beaten up Mrs. Nahed Hussein the representative of  independent candidate Dr Hassan Youssef. This all took place ion front of voting committee 44.
• In the same district security forces arrested our observer Ramadan Gom’ah as well as the two representatives of Dr Hassan  Youssef   ,  Abdel nabi Dessouki, and Ahmad Dessouki.
• In the third district based at Sanurus Police Station, the supporters of independent candidate Mustapha ’Ali Amin Al Hawary assaulted our observer Dr Hamdy Amin. They also attacked Dr Mohamed Taha Abu Al Noor and wrecked his car.
• In the same district our observers recorded that the security forces cordoned all eight voting committees. Upon which, the supervising Judges threatened to halt the elections unless the security forces permit voters to vote .
• In the first district based at Bandar Al Fayyoum  Police Station,  11 supporters of the independent  candidates Mustapha ’Awad Allah and Kamal Nour El Din were arrested. A security blockage  was imposed around the police station to preclude voters from voting.

Qalubbiyyah Governorate

• In the 8th district based at Al Khankhah police station, the observers recorded the police arrest of lawyer ’Amar ’Abdel Rahman Mohamed Siddiq, the representative of the independent candidate ’Abdullah ’Eliwah
• In the fourth district Captain Mohamed Fathy arrested Ahmad Hamed the representative of independent candidate Gamal Shahatah.
• In the same district , security forces blocked the voters from entering the  Bahteem School  voting committee until 10 am
• In the second district based at Kafr Shukr Polcie Station, the Shaheed Nassef School voting committee was closed.