Swedish institutions donate to “Hope” convoy

Swedish institutions donate to “Hope” convoy

A number of Swedish institutions have donated two ambulance vehicles and two trucks loaded with urgently needed medical equipment to the “Hope” convoy heading to the Gaza Strip.


Khaled Yousef, the representative of the convoy in Sweden, said on Wednesday that the medical equipment would include wheelchairs and special tools for the elderly in addition to other medical assistance.

The Convoy is scheduled to head from Italy early May to Egypt by sea then by land route to the Gaza Strip.


Rami Abdo, the coordinator of the convoy, said that more institutions were joining the convoy, noting that tens of trucks would be heading to Gaza with medical equipment and medications along with assistance to the orphans. He added that in the latest Israeli war on Gaza 1,400 new orphans joined the long list of orphans in the beleaguered Strip.


He pointed out that the city of Birmingham in Britain had donated four trucks loaded with medical equipment and relief material to the convoy.

Abdo said that specialist doctors would join the convoy to operate sensitive surgeries for the wounded and sick people in Gaza.


The number of ambulance vehicles thus rose to 12 while tens of trucks have been loaded with medical and relief material.