Swedish parliamentarians: Blockade on Palestinian people must be lifted now

 A number of Swedish lawmakers championing the just Palestinian issue has demanded that the “oppressive” US-led western economic and political siege on the Palestinian people must be lifted immediately, and the Palestinian people should be allowed to live an honorable life.

In their message of support, which they addressed to Dr. Atef Odwan, the PA minister for refugees’ affairs, the Swedish deputies stressed that the miserable human conditions that the Palestinian people are currently experiencing must come to an end.

The MPs revealed that they have tabled a memo with the EU parliament calling on Israel to solve the issue of the captured IOF serviceman Gilad Shalit through political and diplomatic means, and to forget about a military solution to the issue.

Furthermore, the legislators urged the international community to bridle the Israeli occupation government’s indiscriminate and mass punishment against the unarmed Palestinian citizens in the PA-run lands.

As far as the issue of the kidnapped PA ministers and elected lawmakers is concerned, the Swedish parliamentarians insisted that Israel must respect the international law that calls for respecting elected institutions and members; and thus, called on Israel to immediately and unconditionally release all abducted PA elected ministers and PLC deputies.

They also called for more intensified and focused European role in solving the conflict in the Middle East, and insisted that Israel must compensate the Palestinians for the damage its war machine inflicted on their infrastructure and residential units.

For his part, Odwan hailed the lawmakers’ supportive step, and urged the EU countries to change their “negative” stand towards the PA elected government and the Palestinian people, as he expressed gratitude to the Swedish legislators and the free people of this world who champion the Palestinian people’s legal rights.

Last May, Odwan paid a visit to Sweden followed by a similar one to Norway where he conferred with political figures and discussed the situation in occupied Palestine.