Sweeps of Arrests Continue as Municipal Elections Approach

Sweeps of Arrests Continue as Municipal Elections Approach

Egyptian security authorities launched wide-scale sweeps of arrests in governorates of Monufeya and Daqahlia since yesterday night where a number of Muslim Brotherhood (MB) affiliates were detained.

Eight MB affiliates were arrested in Monufeya governorate today at dawn:

1. Mar’ie Yousef Al-Aswad.

2. Dr. Ibrahim El-Sayed Ateem.

3. Magdy Shama.

4. Osama Ammar.

5. Mohamed Mustafa Abu-Sherif.

6. Hassan Hawash.

7. Diab Nabawy Diab.

8. Mabrook Abdul-‘Al Salama.

State forces broke in four other houses of MB affiliates who were not home during the raid.

While other eight MB affiliates were arrested in Daqahlia governorate late yesterday. Names of the detained MB affiliates in Daqahlia:

1. Amr Mohamed Amr Ahmed.

2. Hamada Mohamed Eissa.

3. Waleed Ramadan Lotfi.

4. Mohamed Mamdouh Abdullah.

5. Mohamed Saad Abdullah.

6. Yahia Mohamed Abdul-Gawwad.

7. Ali Abdurrahman Ibrahim.

8. Khaled Ahmed Abdel-Hameed.

On the other hand, state forces arrested MB leader, Yahia Saad, in Fayoum governorate on his way to his work today morning.

Meanwhile, Cairo’s Supreme Administrative Court issued a verdict today morning giving the right to 360 MB candidates, of Cairo and Giza governorates, to register their names in the final documents of the upcoming municipal elections.

In addition, a similar verdict by the Administrative Court in Mansoura allowed the registration of 220 MB candidates of Mansoura governorate today morning.