Swine Flu Deaths Reach 159

Swine Flu Deaths Reach 159

Cairo: On Monday 10 new deaths were reported as a result of the H1N1 virus, also known as swine flu, raising the total number of swine flu deaths in Egypt to 159. A statement by the Ministry of Health said that the new cases included a 29 year-old woman from the Al Qalyubiyah governorate, an 11 year-old boy from Assyiut, and a three year-old child from Al Menofiyah.

The death toll also included a woman, aged 35, from Kafr El-Sheikh, a 37 year-old man from Assyiut, a 55 year-old man from Aswan, 33 year-old man from Al Qalyubiyah, and a 59 year-old man from Giza. 2 other cases were reported in Cairo and aL Qalyubiyah on Monday ( a 9 month-old child and a 57 year-old man).

The weekly report on the number of infections of H1N1, issued by the Ministry of Health, revealed that the number of swine flu cases has reached 12,424, including 4,676 school students, 682 university students and 7000 other cases.

While it said that 11,982 cases have been treated and have recovered, 293 are still getting treatment.

The World Health Organization has confirmed that the number of deaths worldwide is currently 13,006.