Swine Flu in the Middle East, pro-vaccine propagandists…and the evils of vaccinations

Swine Flu in the Middle East, pro-vaccine propagandists…and the evils of vaccinations

Many Arabs fear that there will be a serious outbreak of swine flu this winter. Middle Eastern countries have activated preparedness plans and begun adopting preventative measures to protect their citizens from swine flu. Hotlines have been launched, thermal imaging cameras installed at airports to screen passengers arriving from affected areas and quarantine centres opened to treat passengers suspected of having the disease. Egypt has even ordered the slaughter of all pigs in the country. Arab citizens have been advised by their governments to regularly wash their hands with soap, to avoid large crowds, to use face masks and to avoid the social custom of kissing and shaking hands at social gatherings. The swine flu has even threatened the Muslim pilgrimage season and may this year force many Muslims to abandon the Hajj to Mecca.



Arab governments have ordered millions of doses of swine flu vaccine. Egypt has according to the Wall Street Journal ordered five million doses of H1N1 swine flu vaccine. Saudi Arabia has ordered 6 million doses, Qatar has according to Qatar Tribune ordered 500,000 swine flu vaccines from the World Health Organisation and is ready to order more and Syria has according to Teshreen ordered 6 million doses. Everyone is rushing for protective cover. There seems to be a hysteria about swine flu and one needs to ask whether Arab governments have over-reacted to what they consider to be a lethal virus. In Egypt a spokesman of the Muslim Brotherhood has during a seminar on the health scare even called swine flu “more serious than a hydrogen bomb”

An atmosphere of extreme fear has been created and, unfortunately, media channels have been feeding us with news carefully designed to run counter to the truth. Media reports are twisted and not backed up by scientific evidence. People are told that the H1N1 swine flu vaccine will be crucial for protecting people, but we also seem to forget that the swine flu has no symptoms that differ from the normal flu. The new H1N1 virus emerged in April 2009 and soon thereafter scientists began with the development of counteragents. A vaccine was produced which had to pass several tests to determine the optimal dose and number of shots needed. But not too many people know that pharmaceutical companies that test the vaccine observe patients only for weeks following vaccination, which means that the new vaccine has not been sufficiently tested and that the reactions to the vaccine are unknown. Scientist are up until today clueless about reactions to the vaccination and it is believed that people with a weak immune system might suffer severe side effects. Let us assume that patients who test the vaccine are being observed for months following the vaccination, we still have no guarantee that the vaccine provokes no major side effects, for reactions to the vaccine may sometimes take years to manifest.

According to Dr. Leonard Horowitz, a respected Harvard-trained diseases expert and best selling American author, most vaccine injuries occur months, not weeks, following injection. Horowitz condemns vaccinations as being “genocidal weapons of mass intoxication, pharmaceutical addiction, and population reduction.” He believes that the entire swine flu vaccination campaign has more to do with profit and politics. He says that it is falsely claimed that these vaccines are “safe and effective”, so that industrialists, politicians and a handful of BioTech conglomerates and vaccine manufacturers make billons of dollars in profit from this WHO/government-promoted pandemic. He thinks that “criminal industrialists” deliberately suppress low cost, no risk, highly effective natural cures.

In October 2009, the Qatar based Al Jazeera News Channel broadcast a remarkable interview with Horowitz who revealed that leaders of a private and very powerful global biotechnology “trust” are behind the swine flu and alleged prevention via vaccination. That powerful biotechnology trust is operating within the Partnership for New York City (PFNYC). It engages several powerful partners, including media Moguls Rupert Murdoch, Thomas Glocer or Mortimer Zuckerman, who profit heavily from the fright and vaccination preparations. They are the ones who generate media coverage for disaster messages. They hold control of the mass media and allow the trust to propagandize the products. It is as well believed that the swine flu media campaign has been created as a deliberate distraction from bigger issues such as poverty, the devastating global economic crisis or the US-led war in Iraq. Just recently the UK Government warned senior neurologists in a confidential letter that the swine flu vaccine has been linked to a deadly nerve disease and might cause paralysis and inability to breathe. The letter was leaked to The Daily Mail and published on 15th August 2009.

We as well all remember the bird flu very well…all the media disinformation, the panic created and the huge profits that were made. Tamiflu, the vaccine needed to fight the bird flu was developed by the Swiss multinational drug company Roche on behalf of the US based biotech company Gilead Sciences. Fortune Magazine revealed in an article published on 31st October 2005 that the former US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld was one of the major shareholders of Gilead Sciences. Gilead, it was exposed, is one of the most politically connected companies in the biotech industry.

Vaccinations as we know are given to help us build immunity to a potentially harmful organism, but sometimes they turn out to be unsafe because they are made up of chemicals that are poisonous to the body. We can always put the vaccines in, but we can never take them out and all it takes is just one vaccine to forever change our life. I want to recall the story of my small nephew Fares, who was given such vaccine that changed his life forever. He was a beautiful and healthy boy when he was born and a peacefully sleeping baby. On his 18th day immediately after he was given a hepatitis B shot he displayed strange symptoms. He was very agitated, feisty, making strange noises and his tiny body was convulsing. His life changed the day he received the standard hepatitis B shot, a shot known to contain traces of Thimerosal. My little nephew developed autism after receiving this injection. Not all children that receive vaccines preserved with Thimerosal will develop autism but people have different metabolisms and in some infants where certain genetic anomalies exist the shots are a contributing factor triggering autism. Certain kids have a higher susceptibility. Scientific studies have as well confirmed the association between the use of Thimerosal and autism. The World Health Organisation continues to insist that Thimerosal is safe, but we should not always believe what we are told. We should question what we are told and remember that vaccines are not always safe and effective, and unfortunately today drugmakers, who make billions of dollars in profits from WHO and government promoted pandemics, need have little fear of damages from product liability lawsuits. They are not held responsible for the injuries those products cause.

People should always keep in mind that vaccines might be more dangerous that the swine flu and that vaccines ingredients whether mercury, chemicals and genetic materials can create new pandemics. For avoiding the flu naturally it is recommended that people take vitamins C and D instead of using intoxicating vaccines that produce horrible side effects. People are advised to lead a healthy life style, to wash their hands more frequently with soap and water and cover their mouth when they cough or sneeze and drink as much of warm liquids as they can because they wash off proliferating viruses from the throat into the stomach where they cannot survive.

We should always keep in mind that once a vaccine is injected, there is little people can do to protect themselves. The purpose of a vaccine is to remain protected throughout our lifetime, but sometimes a vaccine will mean a lifetime of illness, like in the case of my little nephew Fares who has to live with autism for the rest of his life.