Swiss Document: Mubarak Owns More than 19 Ton of Platinum

Swiss Document: Mubarak Owns More than 19 Ton of Platinum

A secret document issued by the Swiss Bank revealed a new aspect of the wealth of former president Hosny Mubarak.

The document was published on many websites including social networks like Facebook and Twitter. It revealed that Mubarak deposited a huge amount of pure platinum amounting to 19 ton and 400 kilos. The platinum is being used in the manufacture of white gold. The document of the bank stated that it was worth $14 billion and $900, in addition to other properties sent to the bank since 1982 that is now worth $51 billion.

According to the document by the Swiss Bank dated 11 December 1982, Mubarak has transferred $19.5 ton of platinum with the assistance of a British office called “Flying Horse” in London in the address: 711071. The company is specialised in trading in platinum and its derivatives to the Swiss Bank to be deposited as valuable properties.

The document bears the signature and stamp of the governor of the Swiss Bank and the account number of Mubarak’s credit account which is 5.709.40707 and his address in Cairo, Capital of Egypt.

The document revealed that Mubarak did not wait for long before starting to rob properties belonging to the state and the people as it is dated December 1982, only one year after he came to power. This means that he has uncountable wealth which he collected over 30 years of ruling Egypt.

Platinum is one of the most important, rarest and  most expensive metals in the world. Some of its derivatives are used in exploration for oil and some of it is used in medical researches. Platinum is famous for being used in the manufacture of platinum jewellery or what is known in Arab countries as “white gold” which is worth double the value of yellow gold.