Swiss lawmakers: Israel destroyed man, stone, and tree in Gaza

Swiss lawmakers: Israel destroyed man, stone, and tree in Gaza

Members of a Swiss parliamentary delegation visiting the devastated Gaza Strip have expressed shock over the level of destruction the Israeli occupation government inflicted on the Strip, asserting that Israel killed everything in Gaza.

Furthermore, the delegation that comprised four Swiss lawmakers have also urged their government, being the sponsor of the Geneva convention to immediately mobilize to help the beleaguered Strip, and to identify and prosecute Israeli war generals responsible for Gaza massacre.

They also called on their government to halt all military cooperation with Israel after the war on Gaza proved it was the aggressor.

The delegation inspected part of the huge destruction in Gaza, saying that there was no safe place for civilians in Gaza to hide because the Israeli occupation army was bombing the people in the streets and inside their homes.

One of the members, MP Carlo Samaroga, affirmed that the Swiss government should arrest and prosecute any Israeli official involved in the carnage in Gaza if he stepped on Swiss soil.

“This was not a battle fighter to fighter, but rather it was a war between a regular army (the IOF troops), and civilians (The Palestinian people in Gaza). This is unacceptable crime, and the international community should punish the perpetrators”, said MP Joseph Zisyadis.

They finally stressed the Palestinian people” rights to resist the occupation on their lands till they liberate them as France did when the Germans occupied it, underlining that the Israeli economic blockade on Gaza must be lifted immediately.

In the same context, Moroccan MPs visiting Gaza Strip blamed the international community for the Israeli massacre in Gaza for not doing anything to stop the killing of civilians in the Gaza Strip at the hands of the IOF troops.

They vowed to cooperate with their Palestinian counterparts to file lawsuits against Israeli war criminals involved in the horrible carnage.