Syria: Assassinator should not escape justice!

Syria: Assassinator should not escape justice!

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information today strongly condemns the assassination of Syrian human rights activist Sami Ma”touq by a Syrian security patrol.

The Ma”touq, 31 years old activist was working for the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, shot dead by Syrian security forces last Tuesday 14th of October 2008.the shooting took place while Ma”touq in front of his house in Mushrafa village, near Lebanese Syrian boarders under pretext of pursuing smugglers.

The Arabic Network considers Fire shooting citizens in such way is unjustifiable regardless of the reason, for it will be a direct extrajudicial execution.

ANHRI condemns the security forces criminal act, and requires the Syrian authorities to immediately carry out an independent, comprehensive investigation on the assassination crime and bring the perpetrators to justice.

Hamdy al- Assiouti, Arabic Network for Human Rights Consultant said “Syrian authorities went too far in the violent harassment and violations against the human rights activists” he stated that human rights intuitions in regional and international levels should firmly stand against Syrian authorities excessive use of violence and repression”. He added” the responsible for the murder of Sami Ma’touq must not escape justice.”