Syria: Bayanoni Reelected MB Chairman with Majority

Ikhwanweb has learned that the newly appointed Syrian Muslim Brotherhood Shura Bureau on August 24, 2006 reelected Lawyer Ali Sadruddin el Bayanoni to lead the group for a third four- year term. The source said that Bayanoni asked to retire but the Syrian MB group rejected his request and reelected him Chairman of the group with majority. The source read the decision as a sign that the outlawed but tolerant group intends to proceed with its package of political reform, mainly its “ Political Project for Syria’s Future” which was presented by the group under Bayanoni ‘ s leadership in December 2004, the National Charter in Syria, and the group’s alliances with Damascus Declaration and  the National Salvation Front. It is noted that Bayanoni was elected Chairman of the Syrian MB in summer of 1996 and was reelected in summer of 2002 for another five years in office; it is noted that the five years were reduced to four years in line with that of the Shura Bureau. The latter held its election earlier months ago when the members of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood worldwide had chosen their representatives in the bureau which lasts for four years in office.  Media Coordinator of the National Salvation Front, Obaida el Nahhas, who is reported to be close to Bayanoni, had earlier Wednesday told United Press International that a large trend within the Syrian MB sees that Bayanoni continue to lead the group. Nahhas praised the Muslim Brotherhood for its loyalty to principles and methodology regardless of whom to lead the group. Nahhas affirmed in his statements that the reelected Chairman will be responsible for the executive aspects while the Shura Bureau will be entrusted with control and drawing up outlines of the group’s policy.

Ghadban also reelected Shura Bureau Head

In the same context, the Muslim Brotherhood source disclosed that the newly appointed Shura Bureau in its first term of session has also reelected Mr. Moneer al Ghadban as Shura Bureau Head. It is noted that al Ghadban was head of the Shura Bureau for the past four years. Al Ghadban, who is an Islamic Studies Professor, had earlier mid eighties headed the Shura Bureau and had a role in laying down the MB political project in Syria.

A work plan

The group’s envisaged work plan in this new stage of the group’s age may revolve around what Bayanoni said in his message to the Shura Bureau two weeks ago, as if it was his last message to the group. In this message, Bayanoni drew the attention of the bureau members to the importance of good choice of their Chairman and their leaderships. He also reminded the members of their responsibility toward their country and people, stressing that shura (consultation) safeguards the group from falling prey to disputes, and that dialogues and understanding and exchange of opinions help the group to reach the best decision and adopts the most appropriate position in various situations.” We are headed to a new stage laden with complicated local, regional and international circumstances which require us to double our efforts and close ranks, and use well all the people’s potentials and efforts “, he said, adding that this in turn requires choosing the leadership as well as their work team on religious and objective criteria away from personal considerations, sensitivities or familial bonds. The Chairman in his message stressed the importance of engaging the youth and women in public action, regarding the ignoring of them as one of mistakes of the past. Bayanoni concluded his message by saying “Our group and leaderships’ honorable history, bloods of our fallen brothers and agonies of the already detainees and the entire people in our country, make incumbent on us to work and fulfill our pledges and cooperate for the interest of our nation” 

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