Syria: MB Calls For Civil State Based on Islamic Principles

In Brussels, The Syrian Muslim Brotherhood’s Chairman Ali el-Bainony participated in talks to set up a coalition front that would include liberal, secular, nationalist, communist and Kurdish opposition parties and groups. 
El- Bainony remarked that talks focused on establishing a civil state in Syria. The Brotherhood calls for a civil state with an Islamic background, he asserted, indicating that Islam compasses fundamental rules of a civil state such as freedom, plurality, fair elections, equality…etc.    
El Bainony lashed out at the Syrian President Bashar el-Asaad claiming that the international recognition is the only ground that keeps him in office and urged the West to isolate the regime.
Although it is difficult to measure precisely the Brotherhood’s presence in Syria due to the absence of the standards that show its weight, but El Bainony believes Islamic movement is gaining strenght in society. Trying unsuccessful ideologies in past, such as liberalism and nationalism, Syrians are now looking forward to finding an Islamic alternative, el- Bainony explained.