Syria: NSF Warns Of Fomenting Sedition Among Syrians

 The Syrian National Salvation Front (NSF) released a statement on Sunday September 10, 2006, in which the Front expressed its outrage over media statements telling all the Syrian Alawi sect members to leave towns and go back to their native places. These statements also ordered the civil and military officials who belong to this sect to leave their posts and workplaces before the 8th of next November, the date which the statements set for overthrowing the regime, with the publishers claiming they quoted this information from high level American sources. The National Salvation Front in its statement condemned these statements, depicting them as so harmful to the national interests, sparking a sedition which only works in favor of the Israeli interests and goals. The NSF said that anyone with a Syrian nationality is part and parcel of the Syrian society and thus he/ she has the right to live anywhere in Syria and assume any post in the state through free, public election, without anyone denying him/her such rights enshrined in the constitution. The Front also called on the US government to publicize its position toward these statements which some claimed (they) quoted from American high level sources. The Front affirmed in its statement that the democratic change in Syria should only be made by the Syrians themselves without any foreign quarters meddling with this area which is considered a Syrian domestic affair. It also appealed to the “ honorable Baath and regime leaderships to rise to the challenge and stand side by side with the national political forces for helping the democratic process materializes, which surely works in favor of the Syrian people” , the Front said.