• October 30, 2011
  • 2 minutes read

Syria: SNC Slams Continued Brutal Massacre Against Peaceful Protesters

The Syrian National Council (SNC) has issued a statement vehemently condemning the killings against Syrian protestors. It read: “A clear, bloody and defiant message has been sent to the world by Syrian Dictator Bashar Al-Assad with the continued violence practiced Friday October 28, against peaceful protestors showing complete disregard and callousness to calls urging him to end the bloodbath. It is evident, that the world must interfere and take an active stance to protect the innocent Syrians from these atrocious massacres”.

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"The corrupt ruler continues to terrorize its people silencing them and banning them from engaging in peaceful activities, using its most violent and brutal measures. This is revealed in its daily crimes the most recent in Homs and Hama where the violent militias attacked the protestors as they peacefully raised banners in a civilized manner".
This statement, according to SNC, not only slams the regime and its ways, but also addresses the Arab League, expressing its complete disdain and calls on it to strip the Syrian regime from its right to rule and to tighten and step up sanctions against it. No more time or chances should be given to the regime which is practicing genocide against its people. The SNC calls on the world to politically isolate and punish Syria, diplomatically and economically and to not recognize it.