Syria: Syrian singer had his neck cut for singing a song titled “Leave us, Bashar”

Syria: Syrian singer had his neck cut for singing a song titled “Leave us, Bashar”

ANHRI condemns the criminal practices of the Syrian regimeANHRI condemned today the ongoing criminal practices by the Syrian regime, which fed up by all opposed voice, until it came to cut the neck of “Ibrahim Khashoch”, a singer Syrian and who is so- called singer of the revolution for singing a song among the demonstrators titled “Leave us, Bashar”. The young singer was killed on 5 July by Syrian security forces in Hama city, north of the north of Damascus, capital city of Syria.

It is noted that the human rights situation in Syria is declining continuously, since the beginning of the protests demanding dropping the regime and the departure of Bashar. According to initial estimates of neutral bodies, thousands of demonstrators have been killed and there are an unlimited number of detained or disappeared since the outbreak of the protest in February.

Also number of Syrian activists reported that “Mass graves contains 15 bodies have been discovered in Al- Hassan garden in the city of Hama”. Also United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund UNICEF said that “at least 30 children were shot dead by Syrian forces since the beginning of the protests until now’.

ANHRI said ” The Syrian regime has violated all his senses and human rights and committing daily massacres against humanity, amid convictions in a low voice reveals a collusion by the Arab and international community.”

ANHRI added “The criminality of the Syrian regime has reached the extent of cutting the neck of young man singer, killing him in cold blood for using legitimate right to express his opinion in a civilized manner which is singing, this brutality confirm that Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad has to leave the chair of power now, in order to save the blood of the Syrian citizens, that violence will do nothing but increasing the desire to change the regime based upon the police repression “