Syria MB Chairman Says NSF to Open Bureaus Abroad (Updated)

In an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb, Chairman of Muslim Brotherhood in Syria Ali Sadruddin el Bayanoni  dismissed as groundless rumors which had it that the group or the National Salvation Front( NSF) had inaugurated a bureau in Washington, adding that one of the Syrian opposition figures, Assayed Farid el Ghadery, made up this story.

 However, el Bayanoni pointed out that, according to decisions made by the Front’s general secretariat, the Front intends to open three bureaus in the US, Europe and Arab states, and that the preparations for this is underway, but no one has been started yet.

 On the aims of setting up of these bureaus, Bayanoni said that the NSF seeks to engage the Syrians living abroad in their country’s issues and woes, as well as to highlight the reality of the Syrian current state of affairs.

 On reports circulated that setting up a bureau in Washington is meant mainly by the Front to find favor with the US administration to gain the latter’s support, el Bayanoni said that these statements are groundless, countering that the Front means by this to bring together all the Syrians living in the United States rather than seeking to open a dialogue with the US administration.

“ We in the National Salvation Front have reiterated that we are with any dialogue which eventually works in the interest of the Syrian people”, he said, adding that the Front is a purely Syrian one which rejects to seek help from abroad or accept any aid from foreign quarters.

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