Syria Muslim Brotherhood: Aleppo Massacres Expose World Complicity in Ongoing Genocide

Syria Muslim Brotherhood: Aleppo Massacres Expose World Complicity in Ongoing Genocide

 More than two hundred Syrian martyrs, guiltless civilians, have been brutally killed in the ongoing massacre in Aleppo, so far. This is one of a horrific series of massacres Syrians suffered over five years now across Syria.

Absurdly, no-one seems to have a humane conscience to act seriously, and no international organization tried to stop the shedding of the innocent blood of unarmed Syrians on the altar of international and regional interests.

Those innocent civilians are being killed in cold blood, deliberately targeted in public places and facilities such as hospitals registered on lists of all relevant international organizations, crowded markets with well-known coordinates, residential buildings, houses that no pilot could mistake for anything else, and the city’s water supply. All are being targeted in cold blood by criminal warlords and their murderous military machines.

The war crimes committed by Assad and the Russian and Iranian occupiers must drag all those involved into the International Criminal Court. The Revolution cannot accept to meet with this repressive regime and its brutal apparatuses (or any part of that regime), neither in the transitional stage nor in the future. Just as they made the beginnings of the Syrian Revolution, the people will make its end.

Eloquent speeches and statements cannot protect Syrians from the deadly daily bombing raids. They do not mean much to the martyrs or their families either. However, our duty now is to say it loud and clear: the Syrian people’s enemy is not only Assad, the Russians and the Iranians together, but also those who trade in innocent Syrians’ blood for the sake of dubious personal benefits or  interests at the international level.

If Syrians want to defend themselves from the murderous bombing raids, they have to rely on themselves. The key to victory is revolutionary unity, closing ranks and putting aside all differences. The Revolution’s political and military leaders must realize the seriousness of the current phase, overlook the errors of their brothers in arms, and put the interests of the Revolution, which is our biggest concern, above all else.

The most appropriate response for Aleppo’s bleeding wound is that revolutionary groups and factions establish a united political council that represents their collective political position, and to get together in one integrated operations room to lead the battle to liberate Syria from all despots and occupiers.

The Muslim Brotherhood in Syria extends cooperation hands to all revolutionaries, for unity in words and actions, rejecting self-interests, going beyond limited partisan and factional objectives, and severing strings of dependence on foreign agendas.

We appeal to all Arab, Islamic, international and UN bodies and organizations, to urgently take all necessary political and relief measures, and to assume responsibility for what is happening, in order to save their own history and reputation from the shameful bloody stains of these ongoing horrific massacres. The Syrian people will not forget who took active or indifferent positions.

God bless our martyrs in Aleppo and throughout the country. May He help us unite and close ranks in the face of the oppressors and occupiers.

The Muslim Brotherhood in Syria

Saturday – April 30, 2016