Syria Muslim Brotherhood: Bashar, Russian Intervention Real Cause of Terrorism

Syria Muslim Brotherhood: Bashar, Russian Intervention Real Cause of Terrorism

 For the second time in one year, tragedy and terror hit the French capital Paris, killing and wounding hundreds of innocent people in an incident never seen in France since World War II.

The Muslim Brotherhood in Syria has always believed, spoke out  and acted upon its deep belief in Islamic values of tolerance and moderation, choosing a path of justice, equity and the defense of the entire humanity. The group strongly condemns all action targeting unsuspecting innocent civilians, in any place, any time.

As we watch with sadness and pain France’s tragic injury, we remind the world and all its super powers of the deep and painful wounds of Syria, which is hit hard by murderous Assad and his allies the Iranians and the Russians with all their strength, brutality and oppression, until news of the deaths of hundreds of innocent peaceful Syrian civilians every day became unworthy of such long and extensive media coverage, nor those strong words heavy with real threats to a murderer who declares himself unashamedly, and even explicitly threatens more terrorist acts in the heart of Europe.

Allowing Bashar Al-Assad and gangs, militias and allies to remain in power, coupled with the Russian intervention in Syria.. is the real cause of the terrorism that reached far beyond the Syrian border. Ousting Assad is the only way to stop this terrorism.
We feel the pain of people everywhere, and hope the international community would feel the pain of Syrians who have suffered for years under the weight of Assad and his allies. We urge the world community to cooperate with the forces of the revolution, if they really want to eliminate this terror.

Media and Information Office

Muslim Brotherhood in Syria

Saturday – November 14, 2015