• March 19, 2016
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Syria Muslim Brotherhood: Federal Plan Means Fragmentation of Integral Homeland

Syria Muslim Brotherhood: Federal Plan Means Fragmentation of Integral Homeland

On the fifth anniversary of the start of the Syrian revolution, and as the brutal Russian occupation begins to withdraw part of its forces from the Syrian territory, we find that a group of aggressors who stand against the revolution and the sacrifices made by its sons and daughters – aggressors who plan to carve out a part of Syrian territories, and have just announced their intention to create "a federal regime in north Syria", bypassing the well-known choice of the Syrian people, and taking advantage of their preoccupation with the fight against the despots, tyrants, extremists and oppressors.

Today, we reiterate our views, as we have said on many previous occasions:

– Syria is one integral State that will not be divided, split or carved out. Any attack on the unity of Syrian territory is an attack on every Syrian, which requires Syrians to defend their homeland until the last drop of their blood.

– Kurds are part and parcel of the Syrian people, innocent of the heinous intentions of carving out Syrian territories. Kurds in Syria are true Syrian citizens, they enjoy their rights, and do their duties, in one unified country ruled by law.

– The form of government in Syria is a matter for the Syrians alone. Only they have the right to decide that through a comprehensive national dialogue, where all parties are equal – with complete commitment to the principle of citizenship.

– Kurdish protection units’ militia do not differ from other militias attacking the Syrians and their homeland. They are holding all Kurds hostages in their project, just like ISIS is doing in other areas.

We, the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria, warn against this plan by external forces intending to break up Syria. The Syrian people, including the Kurds, must reaffirm the unity of the Syrian people and territories, and regain national Kurdish decision-making from the militias who have shunned the revolution and now stand by the criminal regime.

Long live Syria – free, proud and united

May God bring closer the hearts of Syrians and unite their word in order to achieve the goals of their revolution

Muslim Brotherhood in Syria

Friday – Mar 18, 2016