Syria Muslim Brotherhood Denies Links to “Extremists”

Syria Muslim Brotherhood Denies Links to “Extremists”

Ali Sadruddin Al-Bayanouni (Muslim Brotherhood Chairman in Syria) denied online reports that claimed relationships between Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda Network.

Bayanouni told Ikhwanweb the published reports are “fabricated and groundless” since the Muslim Brotherhood has “no ties whatsoever with Al-Qaeda or any other extremist trends.”

“We denounce and condemn the extremist religious trends and the killing of innocent people. Endorsing bloodshed is against the Brotherhood’s methodology,” he added.

He stated that those publicizing those materials aim at tarnishing the image of the Muslim Brotherhood through claiming there are ties between the MB and Osama Bin Laden- led Network.

A website claimed it has intelligence reports denoting relations between Syrian Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda Network masterminded by Osama Bin Laden who, as they claimed, met the Syrian MB in Sudan to financially support the Brotherhood.