Syria Muslim Brotherhood Denounces Displacement of People of Waer, Homs

Syria Muslim Brotherhood Denounces Displacement of People of Waer, Homs

 In a new episode of the Assad regime’s crimes of systematic demographic manipulation, the government is preparing to displace nearly 100,000 Syrian citizens from district of Waer in Homs, right under the supervision and collaboration of the international community.

After the despot Assad imposed a long and unjust siege – sponsored by the UN – around the town (in the guise of a treacherous ceasefire), for more than two years, during which the people suffered the ravages of hunger and subsequent diseases that killed women, children and elderly people, the traitorous regime is endeavoring today for the displacement of people from Waer, the imposition of criminal demographic change, and a "peace" forced upon the people by force of arms, starvation, intimidation and terror.

The Muslim Brotherhood in Syria reaffirms its previous position rejecting this heinous crime against the Syrian people, and stresses the following:

– Persistence in this and other crimes against the Syrian people empties the political process of all meaning, turns it into a pointless endeavor, pushes the situation into further crisis, and proves that major powers are stalling a solution to this complex crisis and are taking away the rights of the Syrian people, who rose up against the oppressors and made tremendous sacrifices in order to stop the atrocities and the injustice they had suffered for half a century.

– The Assad regime crime is a violation of Un and international covenants and treaties, and also a clear violation of Security Council resolutions from 2013 to 2015. This proves international complicity and conspiracy against the Syrian people, with the participation of many major powers, which did not only keep quiet, but oversaw and collaborated in financing and supporting this crime.

– This crime looks even uglier because it is committed at a time when the Human Rights Council is holding its annual meetings in Geneva, where the Syrian crisis is discussed, which makes it necessary for this Council to take an appropriate moral and legal position on the Syrian issue.

– We call on all relevant Syrian and international organizations to document the details of these regions’ current population, the local residents who lived for many generations in Al-Waer town and other neighborhoods that suffered this same forced displacement crime, or the neighborhoods and cities that lie on the lists of Assad and his allies, which are soon to suffer the same heinous crime. NGOs should also document property and civil records registered in the name of the people of these regions.

– All Arab and Muslim countries must carry their humanitarian, moral and political responsibility to put pressure on the international community to prevent this forced displacement, to protect civilians and to end the blockade imposed against them.

– We congratulate and commend the statement of our brothers in the revolutionary factions and the coalition in this regard, which affirms the truce ends the moment any Waer residents leave the region, and vows reassessment of the whole political process if the international community continues its abject failure to provide protection for besieged areas and indeed to end the siege. We call upon all factions to rise up, united as one, to defend the people in these areas, and in order to safeguard their own existence and popular support which is fading away after all they did in the raging relentless war against that targets their unity, their land and their very souls.

The Muslim Brotherhood in Syria

Monday – September 19, 2016