Syria Muslim Brotherhood Leader: We Disagree with ISIS in Principle, Approach

Syria Muslim Brotherhood Leader: We Disagree with ISIS in Principle, Approach

 The Syrian Revolution is witnessing many rapid changes, the most important of which is the sudden rise of what is known as the Islamic State or ISIS and its violent practices. Discussing these practices and the stance of the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria, Riad Abu-Shaqqa, Comptroller General of the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria, said the Syrian people’s determination to reclaim their freedom and the nature of the Syrian people’s moderation and tolerance called for optimism of a near victory.

"The people have achieved important victories and liberated many areas, forcing the regime to use direct ‘assistance’ of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and Hezbollah forces, as well as several Iraqi Shiite factions. However, the Syrian people are still steadfast, and the regime and its cronies have failed miserably.

"The appearance of ISIS on the scene confused matters and complicated the situation for revolutionaries. ISIS started the battle among the ranks of revolutionaries for control of the liberated areas, rather than coordination and cooperation with them to overthrow the regime. This will probably prolong the battle."

In an exclusive statement to IkhwanWeb, Abu-Shaqqa says: "We disagree with ISIS, first for its extremist ideas, and second, for its violent action approach. ISIS has adopted extremist thought that deviates from the correct understanding of Islam. It accuses anyone who does not agree with it of being Kafir (non-believer), and sees most Muslims as apostates, although Islam warned against this.

"As for ISIS’s modus operandi, it shed blood unjustly, cut off people’s heads, forced people into allegiance under threats, and attacked non-Muslim citizens and asked them to choose between Islam or forced displacement. These are all behaviors contrary to the teachings of Islam. ISIS should refer to the Quran and Sunnah (traditions of the Prophet, peace be on him) to understand Islam correctly and improve its approach."

In conclusion, Abu-Shaqqa said: "We ask God to guide us and them, and hope that everyone will cooperate, unite and close ranks to liberate Syria from the repressive despots and reclaim the people’s freedom and dignity".