• September 17, 2014
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Syria Muslim Brotherhood Official Statement on American and International Anti-Terror Coalition

Syria Muslim Brotherhood Official Statement on American and International Anti-Terror Coalition
The Muslim Brotherhood in Syria issued the following statement about its official position regarding the latest American and international move to fight ‘terrorism’ in the region:

President Barack Obama’s strategy in confronting the radical organization called ‘the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria’ (ISIS) is still vague, after nearly four years of terrorist crimes and bloody brutality against the Syrian people by the authoritarian Assad gang and allies, and the Iranian, Iraqi and Lebanese sectarian militias, who occupy Syria, wreaking havoc, killing and destroying and terrorizing citizens!

Currently, victims of those Assad militias have exceeded a quarter of a million dead, half a million detainees, prisoners and missing, and eleven million refugees and displaced people. The Syrian infrastructure has been almost completely destroyed.

After hundreds of horrific massacres, in which all kinds of weapons were used, including the slaughter of women and children with knives, chemical weapons were used. President Obama considered that a red line that should not have been crossed. Suddenly, the world realized that all the massacres and violence that had happened before that were tolerable – within the ‘green line’, so long as those who committed all crimes against humanity did not kill any American, British or generally western journalist.

The Muslim Brotherhood in Syria highlights its firm stance as follows:

First: The Syrian regime and its sectarian allies are the very source and root of extremism and terrorism. Any war waged against extremism and ‘terrorism’ that does not include all those is an absurd and pointless war of questionable motives and goals. It will not eliminate the origin of ‘terrorism’. It will drive the Syrian Revolution away from its goals (freedom and dignity) just as ISIS did.

Second: We reject international intervention in Syrian territories. The Syrian people alone are able to liberate Syria and root out extremism and ‘terrorism’, if the ban on effective weapons is lifted, and the ‘free’ world changed its approach of simply waiting and watching as more crimes against humanity are perpetrated by the Assad regime with ferocity unprecedented in all human history.

This negative international stance is certainly one of the reasons for the growth of extremism. Friends of the Syrian people are required to provide the necessary support for them, so they can liberate their country of all kinds of terrorism.

Third: Islam, our religion, is all about tolerance, moderation, virtue, justice, compassion for all people, and rejection of extremism, injustice and aggression. On these good principles our group, the Muslim Brotherhood, is based. We hold that this approach, this ideology, is the foundation on which the fight against extremism should be based. This is why our group – throughout its history – was the first to face up to the repressive regime’s crimes against the Syrian people, and also to the extreme ideas and crimes of ISIS and similar organizations.

Fourth: American and western focus on Sunni extremist movements, while completely ignoring the crimes of the Assad gang, and the Iranian sectarian movements and militias, especially Hezbollah and the Iraqi Shiite militias, certainly raises our doubts.

Thus, with our religion of truth and moderation, we reject extremism and extremist groups which deviate from the Godly centrist Islamic approach. Meanwhile, we refuse to engage in a war supposedly against ‘terrorism’, which we are afraid could really be a war on Islam.

America and the West, and all concerned, must first define what they mean by ‘terrorism’, so things should not get confused quickly, and so honorable moderates would not get targeted. America and the West must realize that their unjust double-standard policies are the foundation stone on which ‘terrorism’ is established, to grow and spread quickly across the globe, including their own countries.

Fifth: Our Syrian national unity will ensure the victory of our Revolution. It is our way to eliminate the problems of ignorance and extremism in our society, and the basis for the independence of our national decisions. Therefore, we reject any stance, statement or vision that leaves us with only two options: the ruling gang or radical ISIS.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Muslim Brotherhood in Syria