Syria Muslim Brotherhood Rejects Russian Occupation

Syria Muslim Brotherhood Rejects Russian Occupation

In a new and significant development, Russian military movements began in the heart of Syrian territories, proving the permanent member of the Security Council is now playing the role of a direct occupier and partner in war crimes as well as crimes against humanity, including the targeting of civilians, mass murders, sectarian displacement and forcing demographic changes throughout Syria.

The Muslim Brotherhood in Syria affirms that this blatant aggression on our country and our people puts Russia along with Iran in direct partnership with Assad’s criminal regime in the killing of our people and the destruction of our country, after its long support for the war criminal and its tireless justification of his killing, maiming and displacement of civilians.

This aggression is bound to make Russia a direct target for those who are defending themselves, their honor and their country in all Syrian territories, which will be a graveyard for all invaders, occupiers, despots and tyrants.

We appeal to the free world and international organizations. Failure to stop the direct occupation and direct partnership in war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the criminal regime in Syria today will end all hope for the political solution proposed by the Security Council through various resolutions and statements, which also demanded a halt to the targeting of civilians and stressed in the clearest terms the unity of Syrian land and people.

This blatant military occupation requires all friends, especially in the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation – and indeed, the entire international community, solid and bold steps, beyond the usual statements of concern and alarm, towards immediate action, to play all cards to pressure the criminal regime, and take real and direct political and diplomatic action to stop this absurd invasion led by Russia and Iran, and which will drag the whole region into a spiral of chaos, with dire consequences.

Finally, we stress that these and other developments will not save Assad’s criminal regime, and will not deter our people from moving forward in the achievement of their aspirations to freedom and dignity, no matter how long this takes.

The Political Bureau of the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria

Saturday – September 12, 2015