• October 2, 2016
  • 5 minutes read

Syria Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Aleppo Devastation

Syria Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Aleppo Devastation
For more than three years now, Syria has been suffering constant international aggression against its people and its territories, with Russia continuously and brutally bombarding the city of Aleppo and the innocent population trapped in its houses, amid a total, shameful and dubious silence from international and regional rights organizations and institutions regarding the repeated horrific massacres, barbaric attacks and unspeakable human tragedies that will forever shame the free world.

These crimes, atrocities and tragedies can hardly be covered up by the international haggling taking place and the supposed leaks aimed at distracting the attention of the public and concealing the brutality and cruelty of international powers, even if those horrendous crimes are falsely described as ‘fighting terrorism’.

The Muslim Brotherhood reiterates its warning about the seriousness of the plot against the region and the nation as a whole. We urgently call on our people and our nation, and every free and patriotic person and supporters of justice, peace and security to stand in the face of ongoing crimes and atrocities and to help and support the Syrian people, especially the courageous people of Aleppo. The Muslim Brotherhood Demands are:

1 – Stop the Russian aggression and all forms of foreign interference, explicit and hidden, in Syrian affairs.

2 – An immediate cease-fire on Syrian territory and delivery of humanitarian aid to besieged areas across Syria.

3 – Urgently draft a fast-tracked political program that allows the Syrian people to choose who should govern, freely and voluntarily, and ensures the territorial integrity of Syria, sponsored by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the League of Arab States and the United Nations.

4 – Set an urgent timetable for the return of the displaced Syrian people to their homeland in full security and peace, with the immediate implementation of a full and urgent program for the rebuilding of the country, overseen by political sponsors of the program – who should also make available all necessary resources.

5 – Appeal to Arab and Muslim peoples and all movements, organizations and bodies to show their rejection and opposition to this ongoing aggression and to provide all forms of support for the struggle of the Syrian people to restore their rights and freedom.

To the brave people of Syria… to the steadfast, patriotic people of Aleppo…

God is with you, and will never let you down… the hearts of millions of people, of your nation and lovers of justice and freedom are also with you. God will certainly reward your perseverance and steadfastness.

The Muslim Brotherhood

Saturday – October 1, 2016