• September 21, 2015
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Syria Muslim Brotherhood Vows Victory Despite Long Suffering

Syria Muslim Brotherhood Vows Victory Despite Long Suffering

Aggressors, in every time and place, share the same criminal strategy, in which they violate human values ​​and the rights of peoples to freedom and dignity, repeatedly attacking sanctities and sanctuaries, undaunted by conscience or morality.

Nowadays, the nation’s enemies, the Zionists and their collaborators, commit their crimes repeatedly against the unarmed Palestinian people, against the sanctities of Palestine and Arab and Muslim nations. Dozens of extremist Jewish Zionist trample Al-Aqsa Mosque (most revered by Muslims as the third holiest Islamic site) accompanied and protected by Zionist occupation troops and other Israeli criminal forces. They storm the mosque’s halls, and desecrate and ransack the place, protected by Israeli army bullets and gas bombs.

The same scene is repeated in Syria, watched by the whole world, or the so-called international community of hypocrites. Bashar’s criminal militias kill men, women and children, desecrate and destroy holy sites, violate sanctities, and wreak havoc throughout the homeland, committing the most horrendous crimes, supported by sectarians and international allies. The oppressed see no appropriate reaction from any international party to stop the barbaric killing machine, which has been spilling the blood of Syrians for five years now, murdering over three hundred thousand men, women and children.

Al-Aqsa Mosque is sacred for all Muslims. Attacks on it are aggressions against all Muslims that require joint action to liberate it from the yoke of occupation.

So-called time-segment division of Al-Aqsa mosque is no different from actual physical division. This is Zionist deception and treachery meant to eventually deprive Muslim worshippers of their mosque, and paves the way for full occupation of their holy site.

The reaction of the international community is too hesitant and ineffective towards the crimes and pain suffered by people of the whole region at the hands of the ruling terrorist militias supported by Western powers and countries that have long claimed they solidly supported and respected human rights and the emancipation of nations and peoples from tyranny and occupation. This indifference makes the world community a partner in shedding the blood of innocent people and the desecrating of their holy sites, which creates fertile ground for extremism.

We solemnly salute all free men and women of Palestine and Syria, who stand steadfast in the face of the aggressors’ crimes, and take the criminals’ bullets in their bare chests. Only thus Syria and Palestine shall be liberated.

The Muslim Brotherhood in Syria

Monday – September 21, 2015