Syrian Brotherhood: US Administration, Occupation Forces

Syrian Brotherhood: US Administration, Occupation Forces

Muslim Brotherhood in Syria hold the US administration, US forces in Iraq, and the Syrian regime responsible for the assaults that took place against Syria leading to eight martyrs of innocent civilians.

Zuheir Salim (Syrian MB spokesperson and manager of the Arab East Center for Arabic Studies), said “this vicious fierce aggression against the country is a critical precedent since the American occupation of Iraq”, and added that such an event might open doors for aggressions that wouldn”t be resisted by mere condemnation or opposition.

Salim condemned the attacks and hold the US administration and US forces in Iraq responsible for the assaults. He added that the Syrian regime is responsible for defending the people and their possessions against any aggressions.

He criticized the mobilizations the regime goes through at the Northern side of Lebanon borders since this would let the Syrian- Iraqi borders unprotected and vulnerable to the invaders not to mention the potential and recurrent Israeli air attacks form the borders of Ain El Sahib to the heart of the country”s depth in Dir El Zur.

Salim demanded the Syrian government to pursue the necessary strategic measures to deny any aggressions and file a complaint at the UN Security Council against US army and its occupiers.

Several US military helicopters attacked a farm eastern Syria near the Iraqi borders last Sunday leading to eight martyrs including five persons belonging to one family.