Syrian Brotherhood: Opposition Receives No Foreign Funds

The Syrian Muslim Brotherhood’s Leader Ali Sadder el-Dean el-Beanony said his group is not interested in the US intention to funnel $ 5-million aid to fund the activities of the Syrian opposition.
’The stance of the group is clear and declared; we refuse any foreign interference in the Syrian affaires even if that helps to topple the ruling regime’ said el-Beanony in a phone call.
He added the American statement tarnishes the reputation of the national and sincere opposition in Syria. He clarified that the national opposition refuses any foreign intervetion that lurk the country even if its interests meet seemingly with the opposition in respect of regime change. 
The US has anounced its intention to allocate money to assisst the Syrian opposition in its campaign against the Regime of President Bashar Al Assad; ’Within its efforts to foster freedom and democracy in Syria, the State Department announces it will offer $5 million in aid to facilitate the action of the Syrian reformists,’ the American State Department said in a statement, two days age.