• August 17, 2015
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Syrian City Duma Demolished with Iranian, Russian Participation Amid Western Silence

Syrian City Duma Demolished with Iranian, Russian Participation Amid Western Silence

Not for a single day did Assad’s air force stop or pause its bombing of civilians in all parts of Syria – with excessive brutality and in a deliberate indiscriminate manner.

Today (Monday), Assad’s forces bombarded the city of Duma in a mindless frenzy driven by hatred of the proud and patriotic people of Syria, killing more than 130 and wounding 300 others. Numbers are increasing all the time, especially after the bombing of a popular market crowded with civilians.

This is done with Iranian and Russian participation in the political decision and in the field. This is done despite talk of a political solution from those whose hands are stained with the innocent blood of the Syrian people.

It is no longer acceptable, after all this, to talk about initiatives to save the head of the regime. It is no longer acceptable to talk about political solutions written with the blood of Syrian women and children. The only solution is to oust the entire ruthless regime from its roots, whatever the sacrifices.

We, the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria, stress the following:

First: The revolutionaries on the ground will respond to this massacre and those that preceded it in the appropriate manner.

Second: The Arab League must convene an exceptional session and assume its responsibilities toward Syria, by stopping and deterring this murderer, his backers and supporters.

Third: We call upon the UN’s Security Council to convene and issue resolutions to protect the Syrian people from the murderous machine of death, destruction and extermination, which is hounding all Syrians, rather than stand a spectator to this bloodbath, where silence is collaboration in the crime.

We say to our still steadfast people in proud Duma and in all areas crushed by the hand of tyranny and barbarism: this blood will not be lost in vain. It is a sign of approaching victory.

Information Office

The Muslim Brotherhood in Syria

August 17, 2015