• June 3, 2010

Syrian envoy to Arab League calls for action to end siege, cut ties with Israel

CAIRO, — Syrian ambassador to the Arab League Yousuf Ahmed demanded the Arabs to take practical steps to confront the blockade on the Gaza Strip and to halt all forms of relations with Israel.

During an emergency meeting of the permanent Arab representatives in the League on Tuesday, Ahmed noted that Israel committed a crime of piracy, terrorism and murder in international waters in full view of the whole world against unarmed civilians who only wanted to break the siege imposed on Gaza.

The Syrian official called for taking advantage of what Israel did and making its reckless act a real turning point in the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

“This decisive dangerous event in the history of the conflict must be confronted legally and internationally. Our position should be clear and obvious with all details, for what Israel committed yesterday was an act of piracy, terrorism and an international crime in international waters,” the official stressed.

He added that this crime should be classified accurately according to the rules of international law before moving to prosecute Israeli officials in the international criminal court.