Syrian MB: Revolution Will Continue Till Oppressive Regime Toppled

Syrian MB: Revolution Will Continue Till Oppressive Regime Toppled

The Syrian Muslim Brotherhood (MB) pledged in its latest Shura Council emergency meeting to continue in its solidarity with the revolution until the regime is ousted and the dream of a free Syria is achieved. It blasted Bashar Al Assad’s regime for its ongoing massacres against the peaceful protesters who are demanding the toppling of the authoritarian Syrian regime.

According to a press release on Friday, the MB Shura council in Syria held an emergency meeting to draw the group’s road map for the coming phase, review the current situation in Syria, and explore ways to reach a consensus with all Syrian factions to achieve the goals of the revolution, topped by freedom and dignity for all Syrians. The statement reiterated the MB’s position towards the revolution, which is supporting the peacefulness of protests, shunning sectarianism, and exercising international pressure on the Syrian regime on all levels until it’s held accountable for its crimes against the Syrian people.

The council reviewed the efforts exerted thus far by MB to unite Syrian opposition, and emphasized that it is dealing proactively with all national initiatives, and will continue on this track. It also endorsed the MB’s principles of engaging all national factions, and attaining genuine partnership and equal and fair representation for all Syrian national forces when any national council is established to safeguard the revolution.  

The MB stated that it "shares the pains and dreams of toppling the oppressive regime and rebuilding a liberated Syria free of injustices, repression and establishing a new Syria based on democratic foundations."

"Today the people remain as courageous, resilient and adamant calling for reform, relentless towards their demands for a legitimate, dignified, free and just life. Instead of heeding the call of its citizens, the regime has utilized all forms of tyranny against the peaceful people spilling blood and tears and violating all international and human rights conventions. Government forces in Syria have committed numerous gross human rights violations, including torture and summary executions. Homes continue to be destroyed and sacred houses of worships and mosques ruined," Syrian MB said.

Additionally, the MB called on the Arab, Muslim and free nations around the world to stand with the Syrian people in their demands for a government that represents the needs and will of its people, and protects their universal rights.

The statement commended the efforts by Syria’s political opposition adding that ”Opposition leaders must continue their efforts in coordinating and working actively with other factions if the revolution is to be successful.”

It hailed the meeting of the group in the latest Cairo conference held September 12 which emphasized the importance of national unity and criminalizing sectarian strife. During the conference, Syrian MB agreed with other opposition factions on a Code of National Principles, which stated that the future Syria will be a civil democratic state, with effective rule of law and equal citizens. 

Addressing the Syrian people, the MB statement called on them to continue in their noble cause of freeing the country from the despotic regime and to continue disregarding differences.

Moreover, the MB urged the military to do its job and stand by its people and to end its slaughter, arrest, and torture of peaceful protesters, and its crackdown against opposition members.