Syrian MB Accuses Regime of Inciting Sectarian Divide

Syrian MB Accuses Regime of Inciting Sectarian Divide

The Muslim Brotherhood in Syria accused the Syrian President Bashar al Assad and his regime of advocating sedition and orchestrating violence.

In a statement, the Syrian MB accused the government of focusing its efforts on strengthening its grip on power, and fully neglecting its duty of protecting the people and advocating unity in an attempt to highly charge the atmosphere with allegations of sectarian strife and attempting to reach boiling point.

According to the statement, the regime is embroiling up the country by latest events to weaken any chance of a united people which may cripple the system.

The MB stressed that Bashar and his cronies have failed to embark on genuine political reforms that will in turn preserve national unity and inoculate Syria against sectarian strife.

It is on this note that the MB urges the entire nation from all walks to unite and to abstain from being lured into the trap of sedition and to wake up to the looming dangers that threaten to destabilize the country and push it further into a more dangerous course.

The MB called on Syrian people to remember their national pride around which they all united regardless of religion, colour, creed or sect. It reminded them of those who sacrificed their lives to reach their goal of peace stability, dignity and freedom and called on them to continue on their path and channel their efforts against the tyrannical regime which will be defeated sooner or later if the people remain focused and united and not fall prey to lies which have surfaced since the beginning of the Syrian revolution.

Ending its statement, the MB called on the world to do its part and support a people whose only crime was calling for freedom and stood up against oppression to live a life of quality and peace.