Syrian MB Affirm their Commitment to National Principles despite the Romurs

Syrian MB Affirm their Commitment to National Principles despite the Romurs

On behalf of MB in Syria, Zuhair Salem (Spokesman of Muslim Brotherhood) has stressed, in a press release, the adherence of the MB in Syria to the national principles and its political properties,its bias towards the nations, supportive to its issues, committed to the unity with wise ness and vision, despite the amount of rumours following the MB’s adoption of the honourable position to suspend the activities of the opposition during the Zionist aggression on Gaza Strip and during last year supporting the resistance and in solidarity with our people in Gaza.

Explaining that this position has satisfied many supporters to the MB as well as opinion leaders and intellectuals in the Arab and Islamic world, however it also raised concern, aggression and suspicion regionally and internationally.

He added, these suspicious circles started to spread false news and to publish fabricated reports on the position and its implications in a desperate attempt to tarnish the image of the group and causing confusion and suspicion on the position and its policies… false reports and news, some of it were published by western press institutions, risked its accountability and transparancy, some of it mentioned Iranian mediation between the MB and the system, some mentioned a meeting between the leader of MB in Syria and the Syrian President Bashar Al Asad, some mentioned a Qatari or Turkish mediation  or a role played by Sheikh Yusuf Al Qaradawy or the head office.

Zuhair has explained that it i the right of the public opinion and Syrian MB supporters, their friends and allies to know that everything published is not true but it is fictitious and fabricated.

He added “the benefit we could get from this organized campaign is to recognize the amount of concern those suspicious circles have about our position with its legal, political and national dimensions, which led it to enter this battle of lies exposed in this way, however we rose up and ignored it despite the pain we felt.

While the MB in Syria reaffirms its adherence of legality, national principles and its political priorities, it declares that it will always stick to the nation’s principles, supportive to its issues,  committed to call for national unity and position and will always remain close to its sons, supporters and people and would always provide them with the right information on time.

He called the rest of Syrian forces on the national ground to re-read the position in the light of regional and international developments and in the light of the objective facts which govern the present as well as the future.