Syrian MB Denies Power Sharing With Regime

Syrian MB Denies Power Sharing With Regime

Muslim Brotherhood comptroller in Syria, Riyad Alshaqfa, asserted that the group has not and will not accept the initiative of dividing governance with the Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad. “Since the sanctions have been imposed the regime has offered to open dialogue with opposing Syrian factions in a bid to appease the people in the revolution”.

Speaking to DPA, he stated that there is no truth in the circulating rumors that a deal had been struck by the MB and Al-Assad’s regime supervised by the Turks and the US.

“These are fabricated reports spread by elements within the regime”, he said.

The rumors had triggered anxiety by analysts and intellectuals who figured that such conciliation would prove unfruitful for the US with the amicable relationship between the MB, political arms in the region and the Justice and Development Party (AKP) in Turkey.

Al-Shaqfa denied there was exchange of dialogue between the MB and Al-Assad: “We do not negotiate nor deal with criminals nor will we be coerced into accepting any deals regardless of their temptations. Before the massacres against the peaceful people we may have contemplated the offer; however, the initiative is now fully rejected. Quite simply the ruler and his regime must step down if reform is to see the light. The decision is a nation’s decision and not just the MB’s where the people are the legitimate source of power and we support the people’s choice.”

He denied allegations that the MB were calling for an armed revolution, saying that it would only result in clashes between the civilians, security forces and the military. “We support only a peaceful revolution”. He warned against calls for an armed revolution adding that it did not serve the revolution since a civil war could break out.

Al-Shaqfa slammed the Arab silence towards the massacres in Syria where thousands of peaceful civilians have been killed. Commenting on foreign interference, he stated that although he did not support intervention, political Arab involvement may be necessary if the killings continue. The Syrian people might welcome Arab military intervention if the massacres continue. He added, however, that he opposed any meddling by the NATO which has so far failed to serve the interests of the Libyans and their revolution.