Syrian MB Rejects Military Foreign Intervention

Syrian MB Rejects Military Foreign Intervention

 General Comptroller for the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in Syria, Mohamed Reiad Al-Shaqfa denied allegations circulating in the media and the press that he called for foreign or military intervention in Syria’s affairs.

In a statement to Ikhwanweb, Al-Shafqa stated that the National Syrian Committee is calling for international protection and support for Syrian civilians without foreign military intervention on Syrian soil.

He stated that if the dictatorial Syrian regime continued its barbaric and oppressive methods against the peaceful revolutionaries, the National Syrian Committee will consider other options however military intervention is not one of them.

“Al-Assad is attempting to turn the revolution into an armed battle to justify his oppression. The revolutionaries simply defend themselves, and it’s only natural for an increasing numbers in the army to defect their posts and join the civilians”, he said.

Al-Shafqa stated that he is optimistic the revolution will succeed, praising the formtion of the national Syrian committee, which was the desire of the nation and the world.